Panini Authentic – Kobe Bryant Autographed ZOOM V 5 Rings Shoes with “5 Rings” Inscription ~ Limited to 10 ~

Kobe Bryant debuted the Zoom V 5 Rings shoes during the opening 2010 season against the Rockets.  The special edition shoes were created by Nike to commemorate his fifth ring against the Celtics.  The edition of this shoe from Panini Authentic is out of 10.  I was able to get my hands on #6.  Not only are these shoes very rare but they are now sold out!

Here are pictures of Kobe Bryant sporting the 5 Rings Shoe.

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Panini Authentic – John Wall Autographed Black/Blue Zig Tech Shoes ~ Limited to 25 ~

I was lucky enough to obtain number 11 of the very limited 25 edition piece from Panini Authentic.  #11 happens to be John Wall’s college number back when  he was a freshman at Kentucky.

These player edition shoes are also the shoes released during his rookie season.

Here is the actual ad from Foot Locker and Reebok.

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